License of contractor companies blacklisted for three times must be scrapped

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Mohammad Ishtiyaq Rayi, has said a legal provision scrapping the license of those contractor companies blacklisted for three times was necessary to take action against the contractors delaying the construction work.

During an interaction with media persons today, Minister Rayi shared that an interim order has been issued in favour of those construction companies delaying construction activities that causes halt of the construction activities for long.

He further said that construction activities used to be halted after the construction company gets interim order in its favour if it knocks the door of a court in a case even if the Department of Roads and concerned project keep the company in blacklist.

The activity is repeated as the blacklisted company can use the amount till five years, shared the Minister, adding it was necessary to rewrite the law to stop the trend.

He mentioned that Kathmandu Valley Transport Management Act has been introduced after three levels of government tried to escape from the responsibility of public transport management of Kathmandu Valley pointing to one another.

Secretary at the Ministry, Gopal Prasad Sigdel, said that the Ministry has been paying less attention on big project while focusing its attention on small road projects.

He further said three significant acts have been passed in last three months.

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